Bat Yam, Israel

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Hotels in Bat Yam, Israel

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    ApartHotel Ha Tzomet

    Tripadvisor2reviews I felt comfortable in the suite. It is a mod... - Linda C link

    Earn upto 802 JPMiles

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    8,031for 1 night

    Earn upto 401 JPMiles 802 JPMiles

    Leonardo Suite Tel Aviv Bat Yam Hotel by the Beach

    Earn upto 621 JPMiles

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    15,535for 1 night

    Earn upto 621 JPMiles

    Spat Apartments

    Spat Apartments

    Bat Yam, Israel

    Tripadvisor3reviews There no such bar anymore i just checked the ... - Rashed R link

    Earn upto 825 JPMiles

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    13,737for 1 night

    Earn upto 825 JPMiles


    Spat Beach

    Earn upto 1800 JPMiles

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    18,009for 1 night

    Earn upto 900 JPMiles 1800 JPMiles

    Isralux Apartments

    Tripadvisor58reviews New Menu.. very good food.. fast service and ... - Mariel07 link

    Earn upto 872 JPMiles

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    8,733for 1 night

    Earn upto 436 JPMiles 872 JPMiles

    Armon Yam Hotel

    Earn upto 1252 JPMiles

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    12,529for 1 night

    Earn upto 626 JPMiles 1252 JPMiles

    Penthouse Apartment On The Beach

    Tripadvisor1reviews Sorry! There are no reviews available for this property. link

    Earn upto 1204 JPMiles

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    12,046for 1 night

    Earn upto 602 JPMiles 1204 JPMiles

    Leonardo Suite By the Beach

    Earn upto 1950 JPMiles

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    19,509for 1 night

    Earn upto 975 JPMiles 1950 JPMiles

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