Lviv, Ukraine

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A and A Apartments

Tripadvisor26reviews Cozy, hidden, quiet paradise with a taste fro... - Value4MoneyTraveller link

Earn upto 310 JPMiles

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2,590for 1 night

Earn upto 155 JPMiles

Apart hotel Horowitz

Earn upto 608 JPMiles

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6,091for 1 night

Earn upto 365 JPMiles

Guest House Inn Lviv

Tripadvisor41reviews Located 15min. by foot from Rynok square (=ci... - GG G link

Earn upto 338 JPMiles

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2,823for 1 night

Earn upto 169 JPMiles



Lviv, Ukraine

Tripadvisor144reviews This was our third stay in Sunday Summer Reso... - Zoran R link

Earn upto 192 JPMiles

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1,935for 1 night

Earn upto 96 JPMiles 192 JPMiles

Staryi Krakiv

Staryi Krakiv

Lviv, Ukraine

Tripadvisor340reviews Thank you Barry for a lovely stay. A wonderfu... - Natalie H link

Earn upto 308 JPMiles

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3,080for 1 night

Earn upto 154 JPMiles 308 JPMiles

Casa Nostra Hostel

Tripadvisor9reviews + clean + close to the city center + room has... - Vladyslav B link

Earn upto 78 JPMiles

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791for 1 night

Earn upto 39 JPMiles 78 JPMiles

The Georgehouse Hostel

Earn upto 52 JPMiles

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522for 1 night

Earn upto 26 JPMiles 52 JPMiles

Hotel Kaiser

Hotel Kaiser

Lviv, Ukraine

Tripadvisor3reviews This is a perfect little place that is downto... - rsn113 link

Earn upto 182 JPMiles

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1,836for 1 night

Earn upto 91 JPMiles 182 JPMiles

Villa Stanislavskyi Hotel

Earn upto 318 JPMiles

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3,194for 1 night

Earn upto 159 JPMiles 318 JPMiles

Voyager Hostel

Tripadvisor9reviews The owner is very friendly and she really tre... - Drejc K link

Earn upto 50 JPMiles

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508for 1 night

Earn upto 25 JPMiles 50 JPMiles

Park Apartment Lviv

Tripadvisor4reviews Posada Sicaruu is a lovely little hotel locat... - Melinda H link

Earn upto 508 JPMiles

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5,086for 1 night

Earn upto 254 JPMiles 508 JPMiles

Medova Pechera

Earn upto 168 JPMiles

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1,695for 1 night

Earn upto 84 JPMiles 168 JPMiles

Lviv Loft Hostel

Earn upto 42 JPMiles

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423for 1 night

Earn upto 21 JPMiles 42 JPMiles

Apartment Bohomoltsya 3

Tripadvisor31reviews Friendly staff, great Indian food. Very auth... - mbatrip link

Earn upto 366 JPMiles

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3,673for 1 night

Earn upto 183 JPMiles 366 JPMiles

Aparthotel Na Mytniy

Tripadvisor11reviews we enjoyed ourselves so much last year at 232... - Ingrid J link

Earn upto 226 JPMiles

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1,883for 1 night

Earn upto 113 JPMiles

Park Plus Hostel

Earn upto 58 JPMiles

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593for 1 night

Earn upto 29 JPMiles 58 JPMiles

Old Center Apartment

Earn upto 508 JPMiles

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5,086for 1 night

Earn upto 254 JPMiles 508 JPMiles

2 rooms near Opera

Tripadvisor1reviews Although I have been to NYC many times, I had... - Youthvol link

Earn upto 240 JPMiles

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2,401for 1 night

Earn upto 120 JPMiles 240 JPMiles

Nice and stylish apartment

Tripadvisor98reviews We are just back from a week spent at the Agr... - wintertimes link

Earn upto 236 JPMiles

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2,373for 1 night

Earn upto 118 JPMiles 236 JPMiles

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