Rotorua, New Zealand

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Hotels in Rotorua, New Zealand

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Solitaire Lodge

Earn upto 7090 JPMiles

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61,757for 1 night

Earn upto 2470 JPMiles

Quest Rotorua Central Apartment Hotel

Quest Rotorua Centr...

Rotorua, New Zealand

Tripadvisor973reviews Arrived late in heavy raining, the reception ... - buntutnaga link

Earn upto 864 JPMiles

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7,518for 1 night

Earn upto 451 JPMiles

Sport Of Kings Motel

Earn upto 634 JPMiles

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5,419for 1 night

Earn upto 361 JPMiles

Tihi Retreat

Earn upto 4998 JPMiles

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42,941for 1 night

Earn upto 2862 JPMiles

Rotorua B n B on Sumner

Rotorua B n B on Su...

Rotorua, New Zealand

Tripadvisor12reviews Our room was on the lower floor of the home. ... - toluce link

Earn upto 640 JPMiles

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5,579for 1 night

Earn upto 335 JPMiles

Ngamihi Lodge

Earn upto 1536 JPMiles

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15,360for 1 night

Earn upto 768 JPMiles 1536 JPMiles

B and B The Redwoods

Earn upto 858 JPMiles

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8,598for 1 night

Earn upto 429 JPMiles 858 JPMiles

City Lights Boutique Lodge

City Lights Boutiqu...

Rotorua, New Zealand

Tripadvisor319reviews Stay on this delightful lodge as our first ac... - K7988ASmariod link

Earn upto 704 JPMiles

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11,734for 1 night

Earn upto 704 JPMiles

Aura Accommodation

Earn upto 668 JPMiles

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5,762for 1 night

Earn upto 346 JPMiles

Hamurana Lodge Boutique Hotel

Earn upto 812 JPMiles

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5,769for 1 night

Earn upto 384 JPMiles

Wai Ora Lakeside Spa Resort

Earn upto 768 JPMiles

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5,714for 1 night

Earn upto 343 JPMiles

Black Swan Lakeside Boutique Hotel

Earn upto 2662 JPMiles

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21,989for 1 night

Earn upto 1465 JPMiles

Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park

Earn upto 720 JPMiles

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6,285for 1 night

Earn upto 377 JPMiles

Silver Fern Rotorua Accommodation and Spa

Earn upto 730 JPMiles

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6,191for 1 night

Earn upto 412 JPMiles

Regent of Rotorua Boutique Hotel

Earn upto 1074 JPMiles

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8,413for 1 night

Earn upto 505 JPMiles

Koutu Beach Bed and Breakfast

Earn upto 772 JPMiles

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7,731for 1 night

Earn upto 386 JPMiles 772 JPMiles

Regal Palms Resort

Earn upto 980 JPMiles

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8,532for 1 night

Earn upto 512 JPMiles

Regal Palms 5 Star City Resort

Earn upto 686 JPMiles

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10,292for 1 night

Earn upto 686 JPMiles

VR Rotorua Lake Resort

Earn upto 262 JPMiles

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3,064for 1 night

Earn upto 204 JPMiles

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