Stresa, Italy

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B and B Casa Kinka

Earn upto 3024 JPMiles

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17,343for 1 night

Earn upto 693 JPMiles

Appartamento Via De Vit

Tripadvisor579reviews This was the best trip/tour I have ever taken... - Dave S link

Earn upto 642 JPMiles

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6,428for 1 night

Earn upto 321 JPMiles 642 JPMiles

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees

Earn upto 2626 JPMiles

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23,052for 1 night

Earn upto 922 JPMiles

Hotel Villa e Palazzo Aminta

Earn upto 2698 JPMiles

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24,619for 1 night

Earn upto 1478 JPMiles

Hotel La Fontana

Tripadvisor386reviews A wonderful old building, parquet floors in t... - Scott L link

Earn upto 1216 JPMiles

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11,119for 1 night

Earn upto 667 JPMiles



Stresa, Italy

Tripadvisor13725reviews Entrance Fee is include with the guide. They ... - marisanw link

Earn upto 1106 JPMiles

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9,542for 1 night

Earn upto 381 JPMiles

Lo Scoiattolo e la Noce

Tripadvisor135reviews This difficult to find place would be ideal I... - William B link

Earn upto 428 JPMiles

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4,298for 1 night

Earn upto 214 JPMiles 428 JPMiles

Villa Toscanini

Tripadvisor56reviews Lovely hotel, room charming Italian style and... - Bennysimon90 link

Earn upto 994 JPMiles

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9,950for 1 night

Earn upto 497 JPMiles 994 JPMiles

Hotel Regina Palace

Earn upto 1512 JPMiles

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13,730for 1 night

Earn upto 549 JPMiles

Hotel Milan Speranza Au Lac

Earn upto 1312 JPMiles

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11,977for 1 night

Earn upto 719 JPMiles

Hotel Astoria

Earn upto 1194 JPMiles

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10,839for 1 night

Earn upto 433 JPMiles

Grand Hotel Bristol

Earn upto 1328 JPMiles

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13,294for 1 night

Earn upto 664 JPMiles 1328 JPMiles

Hotel Royal

Earn upto 1074 JPMiles

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10,746for 1 night

Earn upto 537 JPMiles 1074 JPMiles

Hotel Moderno

Earn upto 1162 JPMiles

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10,707for 1 night

Earn upto 643 JPMiles

Albergo Verbano

Tripadvisor162reviews We stumbled onto Gaststatte Faun a decade or ... - vvalery link

Earn upto 1352 JPMiles

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13,533for 1 night

Earn upto 676 JPMiles 1352 JPMiles

Hotel Della Torre Stresa

Earn upto 1144 JPMiles

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10,444for 1 night

Earn upto 627 JPMiles

Hotel Ristorante Fiorentino

Earn upto 596 JPMiles

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5,970for 1 night

Earn upto 298 JPMiles 596 JPMiles

Fruitn Joy

Fruitn Joy

Stresa, Italy

Tripadvisor1reviews This hostel has all you need to have a pleasa... - Christian M link

Earn upto 572 JPMiles

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5,731for 1 night

Earn upto 286 JPMiles 572 JPMiles

Hotel La Sacca

Tripadvisor215reviews My girlfriend and I stayed here last week for... - garethmorgans link

Earn upto 1034 JPMiles

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10,348for 1 night

Earn upto 517 JPMiles 1034 JPMiles

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